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    Togat Nusa Retreat– your luxury surf resort in Indonesia / Mentawai

    Nestled amongst the palm trees on Pitojat Island, Togat Nusa Retreat truly is a magical place.
    A private, tropical island sanctuary perfect for those looking to escape, relax and unwind.

    Togat Nusa Retreat Metawai Islands, Indonesia from Paul Terry on Vimeo.

    Togat Nusa Retreat is positioned in the surf rich Mentawai Islands chain and is surrounded by some epic scenery and waves. Togat Nusa is a small retreat, catering for only 8 guests at a time. Quality and service come first as we focus on providing you with the most uniquely relaxing holiday experience available. Girlfriends/wifes very welcome here..

    Ringed by beautiful white sand beach, the 12 hectare island can be circumnavigated in just half an hour.

    Looking out over a turquoise lagoon at the front of the island, Scarecrows, a long left hand wave peels around the fringing coral reef. The other end of the Island drops off quickly into a deep enchanting channel and offers impressive views to the south of the palm fringed mainland and waves breaking on distant reef passes.

    Following a path through the centre of the island will have you walking amongst a lush, tropical rainforest abundant with flora and Fauna such as native orchids, climbing vines, large monitor lizards and home to many bird species.

    Togat Nusa Retreat employs a local crew, and western manager and surf guide. Togat Nusa Retreat utilizes as many products as we can from the local area including our food.

    Check out the Gallery and details for a full impression. If you wish to have more info on availability, prices and tips; don’t hesitate to contact us!

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    Accommodation details

    Togat Nusa Retreat has four traditionally inspired Bungalows, each uniquely designed and built in the same style as the main building, using recycled timbers and driftwood.
    Each bungalow is setup to accommodate 2 (unless already organized) persons, for a total of 8 guests on the island at any one time.
    All have private bathrooms with running hot water. The funky interior design incorporates hand built custom furniture and antique lighting and fixtures left over from Dutch fishing vessels. Each bungalow also has fans to help stay cool.

    Using local Mentawai builders, under the guidance of John E Ocean, Togat Nusa Retreat maximizes its local surroundings and functions as a partial eco- resort, yet still delivers a very high standard of accommodations and personal space.

    Influenced by the design of traditional Mentawai Umas, The bar has been built with the owner/builder’s (John E Ocean} artistic flare and creativity in design – shining through in its rustic styling, making this spectacular piece of craftsmanship, truly a one of a kind.

    Built entirely out of recycled timber, and driftwood collected from the surrounding beaches, the high pitched sago palm thatched roof is supported by a centre beam made from the trunk of a massive coconut tree. Crossbeams and supports with branches and root systems still intact protrude from the walls, creating shelves for our quality sound system, lights and ornaments.

    Each piece of furniture, from the barstools, to the table you sit down to enjoy your meal at has been individually built in styling’s reflected by the building itself.
    From the roof hangs the skeleton of a pilot whale, whilst the walls are adorned with traditional carvings, Skulls and locally collected treasures, all adding to the vibe of the place. Old Japanese fishing bouys, antique boat lamps and the shells from various marine animals have been fitted with bulbs to supply the lighting, and have set the scene for many a party.

    The Bar was the first building on the island and is essentially the hub for all island activity. Situated at the front of the Island, with a panoramic view of the waves reeling off at Scarecrows, this is where guests will gather for meals, to enjoy a drink, or simply to put their feet up, listen to some tunes and watch the surf!

    Our Bar stocks a variety of beers and spirits as well makes cocktails and fresh fruit smoothies, its NW facing aspect makes it the ideal place to grab a cold beverage and watch the sun set on another perfect day in paradise.

    With an emphasis on locally sourced fresh meats, fish, fruit and vegetables as well as home baked breads and pastries. Our experienced Indonesian chef combines traditional and western recipes to create the most delicious meals.

    Breakfast for early birds there is fruit, yogurt and home made granola, coffee and tea.

    You can order what you like, Omelet’s, pancakes, French toast with home made bread, Bacon and eggs.

    Lunches and Dinners are served buffet style pizza, burritos, pasta, curries, some Indonesian dishes, ren dang, lumpias, soto ayam, fresh fish, roast chicken, fresh salads, Home made cakes, donuts and fresh fruits for desserts

    You will be given a large aqua bottle you can refill in the restaurant.

    Food allergies and special dietary requirements are not a problem but should be specified before yours arrival to ensure we are prepared. Please also inform us of any birthdays or special occasions during your stay so we can help to make them extra special.

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    What are the rates?

    Interested to book or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us! We will get back at you within 24 hours (probably much faster).

    Tel: +316 55 828 727

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    Freqeuntly Asked Questions

    Questions? We might have them covered right here!

    When are the Mentawai waves at their best?
    – March and April: glassy conditions, a few more rights, less people but smaller waves.
    – May, June, July and September: Big surf – high season.
    – Late September and October: glassy conditions, a few more rights, less people but smaller waves.
    – November, December, January and February: Rainy but still good surface conditions and smaller waves with no one around. Clean waves.

    How to get there?

    Simply book a flight to Padang (PDG)  with airlines like Emirates/Singapore Airlines/Etihad/ Sri Lankan/ Qatar ( free surf boards ) or Turkish Airlines / Tiger Airlines/ Air Berlin / Condor

    How do I make a reservation?
    1. Contact us regarding your request and/or any questions you may have. Use the form above, call us (+316 55 828 727) or write us an e-mail (
    2. Together we will arrange your trip from A to Z.
    3. Have you read our Booking Terms? Before confirming, please read them.

    Don’t forget your:
    – Surf equipment (+ repair kit)
    – Passport (at least 6 months valid upon date of return)
    – Visas. For Indonesia you get a 30 day free visa upon arrival.
    – Travel insurance
    – Board shorts, sunscreen and slippers
    – Music
    – Books

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    Our ClearWater rating:


    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
    Togat Nusa Retreat surf resort Mentawai
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    Our ClearWater rating:

    The Surf

    The Mentawai Islands are world renowned by surfers, not only for the quality of waves on offer here, but also for its consistency as a surf zone.
    Surfable year round, it is the southern hemisphere winter, from April through to October that sees the peak of the season, as storm activity in the southern Indian Ocean pushes swell after swell up towards the Island chain.

    Situated on Pitojat Island, off the northern end of Sipora Island, guests to Togat Nusa Retreat have access to a number of quality breaks, all within a short boat ride of the Island…
    Togat Nusa Retreat has compiled a brief glimpse of five well-known surf spots near Togat Nusa Retreat with many more secrets around us!

    Rarely a day goes by when there isn’t some form of surfeable wave at this swell magnet An average day at icelands will see a steepish takeoff, followed by a shorter ride with opportunity for a couple of turns and the occasional barrel.
    However, it is once a big W-SW swell hits that Icelands truly starts to show itself, transforming from a small swell go to spot into somewhat of a beast.
    A powerful left, the takeoff is steep, as the wave jacks quickly out of deep water throwing out a heaving barrel, for anyone who has what it takes….. (maybe a bigger board?) to paddle over the lip and into it!

    Your New Frontyard – A long lefthander wraps around the front of the Island for rides of up to 200 yards. Picking up most available swell and surfeable on any tide, and at any size, Scarecrows is one of the most consistent breaks in the Mentawais.
    A wave of many moods depending on swell size and direction, the length of the wave ensures a little of everything is on offer.

    On a good day out front a surfer will find, open faces perfect for carving, long racing walls and multiple barrel sections…sometimes all on the one wave!
    A fun wave, suitable to surfers of all abilities and skill levels. The reef here is deep by Mentawai standards, though the inside “Curry Bowl” section can get shallow and challenging at low tide, rewarding those who commit with a more intense barrel!

    Seven Palms
    Good option for some fun on small days Only a short ride from Togat Nusa, Seven Palms peels off along the reef in front of a scenic limestone coved beach. The wave tends to close out when the swell gets too big so is generally saved for a bit of a change on those smaller days. It is a fun, rippable wave capable of throwing out the odd barrel. Suitable to surfers of any skill level, those looking for more of a challenge can push themselves further up the reef to a sometimes makable faster barrel section.

    When it’s on this long lefthander would have to rank up there with as fun of a wave to be found anywhere. Requiring a more specific swell direction, Teles is not as consistent as some of our other spots but, once the swell direction is good and lines start wrapping around into the bay at Mapadegat, it really is a sight to be seen.

    Long rides of over 200 meters are possible, as predictable section after section offer ample opportunities to whack, hack and pull in!
    Considering the quality of wave, Teles is quite forgiving, the reef here is relatively deep, though the wave should definitely not be taken too lightly.
    Big swells see large sets breaking further up the reef as barrels reel quickly down the line and into the regular takeoff zone, slowing down briefly before walling up and concentrating again on the inside tube section

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    Accommodation details

    Amazing surf
    Max guests: 8
    Quality and service
    Turquoise lagoon

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