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    Nemberala Beach Resort– your luxury surf resort in Rote / Indonesia

    The Nemberala Beach Resort has much to offer, it`s unique location combines a perfect mix of comfort, surf, activity, climate and culture.

    Located on Rote Island in southern Indonesia, this newly renovated surfing resort caters to surfers, fisherman and their families. This outer island paradise is certain to appeal to all types of adventure and vacation travelers. Please join us for the surf trip of a life time. The Nemberala Beach Resort is located on the small island of Rote (1,214 sq. km.), in the Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia, just south west of Timor.

    This is the southern most region of Indonesia and also the driest given the close proximity to the large deserts of NW Australia. This combination of subtropical topography, tropical waters and unique culture make a surf trip to Rote unlike any other area of Indonesia.

    Nemberala Beach Resort is designed and furnished with most of the major amenities you would expect at a first class resort. Rooms are large and comfortable with quality beds and bedding to assure a restful holiday. Rooms are serviced daily and supplied with both bath and beach towels for your convenience.

    ‘Journey To Nemberala” Video produced by Matt Weddle, Enjet Media.

    Nemberala Beach Resorts large open air restaurant and bar is situated to provide beautiful views of the beach and surf as well as being close enough to the pool area to be convenient for poolside service. Oversized cushions on the lounge furniture will tempt you to do exactly what they are designed to do lounge. The bar keeps beer icy cold and attempt to keep a full stock of both spirits and wine.

    The natural stone pool and deck area of Nemberala Beach Resort is partially shaded by coconut palms to allow you the choice of sun or shade.The newly constructed massage/spa unit can accommodate individuals or couples and is equipped with its own garden bathroom complete with hot water shower and oversized shower head.

    Although it is our desire for guests to detach themselves for the demands of business, communications are available by both telephone and internet. We have found that most guests who have an international calling plan are able to utilize their personal cell phones. The main business office does have internet access available by desktop computer. Given the limited band width we do not yet have wireless internet connectivity, but hope this may be available in the near future.

    Check out the Gallery and details for a full impression. If you wish to have more info on availability, prices and tips; don’t hesitate to contact us!

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    Accommodation details

    The 4 large duplex bungalows of Nemberala Beach Resort feature private and spacious outdoor bathrooms, gardens and porches. All bungalows are built with locally quarried stone, exposed regional hardwoods and traditional Rotinese alang roofs. They all feature surf, ocean and pool views. The villas are duplex units that can be joined by interior door to accommodate.

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    What are the rates?

    Interested to book or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us! We will get back at you within 24 hours (probably much faster).

    Tel: +316 55 828 727

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    Freqeuntly Asked Questions

    When are the Indonesian waves at their best?
    – March and April: glassy conditions, a few more rights, less people but smaller waves.
    – May, June, July and September: Big surf – high season.
    – Late September and October: glassy conditions, a few more rights, less people but smaller waves.
    – November, December, January and February: Rainy but still good surface conditions and smaller waves with no one around. Clean waves.

    How to get there?

    Simply book a flight to Denpasar (Bali) (DPS) with airlines like Emirates/Singapore Airlines/Etihad/ Sri Lankan/ Qatar ( free surf boards ) or Turkish Airlines / Tiger Airlines/ Air Berlin / Condor

    How do I make a reservation?
    1. Contact us regarding your request and/or any questions you may have. Use the form above, call us (+316 55 828 727) or write us an e-mail (
    2. Together we will arrange your trip from A to Z.
    3. Have you read our Booking Terms? Before confirming, please read them.

    Don’t forget your:
    – Surf equipment (+ repair kit)
    – Passport (at least 6 months valid upon date of return)
    – Visas. For Indonesia you get a 30 day free visa upon arrival.
    – Travel insurance
    – Board shorts, sunscreen and slippers
    – Music
    – Books

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    Nemberala beach surf resort
    Nemberala beach surf resort
    Nemberala beach surf resort
    Nemberala beach surf resort
    Nemberala beach surf resort
    Nemberala beach surf resort
    Nemberala beach surf resort
    Nemberala beach surf resort
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    Our ClearWater rating:

    The Surf

    Rote, Nemberala, and the surrounding Islands pick-up all the South to South West swells tracking across Antarctica moving from below South Africa towards South Australia; same as the rest of Indonesia. Although there can be swell year round the season is typically thought of as March to November with the largest swells May through September/October. The wind pattern typically will see light and variable wind conditions early and late season, with firm and consistent ESE trades blowing June though Aug/Sept.

    Nemberala Left
    Nemberala Left is the main break fronting the resort and the premier wave in this region of Indonesia. The break is also known as T-Land by some given its similarities to the famous wave on Java G-Land. Nemberala is definitely a softer and more “user friendly” wave then its namesake.

    The point like reef is approximately 400+ yards long and broken into four separate possible take off zones; from top to bottom: The Point, The Steeple, Magic Mountain and Inner-tubes.
    Nemberala is a “wave magnet” focusing all swells of a southerly direction and takes the predominant trade wind as off-shore. This wave can also be very good both early and late season when the winds are more light and variable in nature. The reef is non-threatening and the wave is not tide dependant, often better at low tide then high.

    The Bommie
    The Bommie is a section of reef on the north side of the large Nemberala channel. Although the Bommie is a Right/Left peak, the left is seldom surfed as it is not as organized as the right which ends in a deep water channel. The Bommie is a – lower the tide, the better the wave. The bigger the swell the more tide the wave can handle.

    Boa is typically accessed by 10 minute overland transfer from Nemberala Beach Resort, but can also be accessed by boat with a slightly longer transfer time. This is often a heavier and more advanced wave then others in the area, best at mid tide. The wave starts with a steep often hollow top section which often opens up to a thick down the line wall section. Boa can handle a light trade but is typically best with light winds, very early morning, or during the shoulder and off season months.

    Suckies, or Sucky Mamas is 10 minute boat ride north of Nemberala. It gets its name from the village on the beach with a similar sounding name. Suckies is an often very hollow right hander, but on a higher tide it can be a fatter, steep wave. Suckies is a shorter wave of approximately 50 yards in lengths and it is best at mid tide. Suckies will take the standard trade as off or side-off shore.

    Do’o is the tail section of reef off a nearby island of the same name. This is a fickle wave typically best during the offseason or shoulder season months as the standard Nemberala trade blows on-shore. The reef is particularly shallow and sharp making this a high tide advanced skill level wave.
    These are the waves typically assessed from Nemberala Beach Resort. However, depending on the tide, swell, wind and your desire to surf something different; there are other potential waves in the area. A surf trip dream come true…

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    Accommodation details

    4 bungalows
    Outdoor bathrooms
    swimming pool

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