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    Kandui Villa’s – your luxury surf resort in Indonesia / Mentawai

    Kandui Villas is a fairly new, upscale, Eco-Friendly Resort, located in the surfing mecca known as Playgrounds, in the Mentawai Islands.

    Tired of having to choose world class waves or world class accommodations? It is no longer an issue. Introducing Kandui Beach Villas. The worlds #1 luxury surf resort and the next level of luxury surf travel.

    From the founder of Kandui Resort, we bring to you Kandui Beach Villas, opening June 1st, 2012. Kandui Beach Villas is located on Karangmajet Island, directly in front of Kandui left, and Baby Kandui, in the middle of the surf mecca known as ‘Playgrounds’. Kandui Villas features twelve private bungalows, also known as traditional Mentawai uma’s, using the finest quality local hardwoods. The uma’s are intelligently designed, combining traditional Mentawai craftsmanship with modern day luxury and amenities. Each uma is hand carved to a theme, inspired by natural surroundings.
    Part of the inspiration of Kandui Beach Villas was to finally provide a place where a surf traveler could feel comfortable and confident enough to bring their significant other and families. At Kandui Beach Villas we offer the only infinity pool in Western Sumatra, as well as a restaurant , bar, game room and spa. A nanny service can be provided upon special request. Another outstanding feature at Kandui Beach Villas includes fresh organic vegetables grown in our Eco friendly garden. Locally caught seafood is also on the menu.
    Whether you choose to surf the worlds best waves, or just relax and enjoy yourself, Kandui Villas will not disappoint anyone. Kandui Villas also offers world class fishing, snorkeling,volleyball, pool, ping pong and local cultural tours.

    Kandui Villas has contributed greatly to the local Mentawai people. From day one we have provided employment and opportunity for the local people that simply wasn’t available before. We have provided hundreds of jobs and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Mentawai economy. With your support, we are able to continue this win win situation.

    Kandui Villas opened June 1st 2012.
    We encourage early bookings so that you can come and take advantage of the ultimate Kandui experience.

    Check out the Gallery and details for a full impression. If you wish to have more info on availability, prices and tips; don’t hesitate to contact us!

    Our ClearWater rating:
    Eco-Friendly Resort

    Accommodation details

    Kandui Beach Villas consists of nine luxury umas – what the Fijians call “bure” – and one triple uma – which is three regular-sized luxury umas connected together, for a total of 12.
    Each uma is quite large at 7.5 meter wide x 10.5 meters long.
    Each uma has two king-sized beds downstairs, and one king sized – or two single sized beds – in a spacious, second-story loft. The umas are hand carved throughout with a different Mentawai animal, or jungle theme, and all the furniture is made of local hardwoods. Each uma comes with two air-conditioning units, so guests can adjust their personal comfort level.

    Eleven of the umas already have names. 1. Biowak (monitor lizard). 2. Monyet (monkey). 3. Ikan (fish) 4. Kura (turtle). 5. Burung (bird). 6-8. The triple uma is called ‘Sikerei’ (shaman). 9. Buaya (crocodile). 10. Lumba (dolphin) 11. Utan (jungle).

    Uma #12 does not have a name yet, but a mermaid theme is the contender.

    The back one-third of each uma is built on a massive cistern which holds close to 10,000 gallons of water. The bathroom and shower facilities are clean and comfortable, with stone floors laid by craftsmen from Bali.

    Each of the 12 umas are confirgured, with 3 king sized beds, or 2 king sized, and 2 double beds, making them very versatile with room for 1-4 people, making the Umas perfect for singles, couples, groups of friends, or families.

    The Swimming Pool
    Kandui Villas is the only resort in the Mentawai Islands to construct, and have a swimming pool. Not only did we build a swimming pool but we hired the best pool builders in South East Asia, to come in to our resort site, to design, and build a masterpiece of a swimming pool, specifically for our location. This pool is 25 meters in length x 18 meters in width, with wrap around benches along the entire interior of the pool. The infinity edge over flows into a large kiddie pool with a large stone deck encircling it.

    The swimming pool utilizes a state of the art salt water chlorinator unit, which, through a process of electrolysis, reacts with the slight salinity in the pool water to form chlorine. The form of chlorine it produces is very mild, and does not affect skin, or eyes as an irritant. This mild form of chlorine, coupled with a salinity level similar to that of human tears, makes the water completely neutral feeling for you eyes, and skin, but still very refreshing, unlike the salty feeling you get when you get done swimming in the ocean. The main pool is surrounded by a massive out door wooden deck, which connects to the Restaurant, Game Room, Bar, and Palapa.

    Organic Green House

    Located just to the rear, and side of the Restaurant, is our very own fully organic green house.
    The Green House produces all of the delicious organic salads served in the Restaurant, as well as supplies many of the kitchen’s vegetable needs. Having the green house right here, really puts the ‘fresh’ into the salads.

    The Bar and Palapa
    The Bar, and Palapa building is located right off the swimming pool deck, next to the Game Room. Our massive indoor-out door bar serves up your favourite cold beers, spirits, mixed drinks, as well as wine, and champagne. The out door Palapa, under the same roof as the Bar, is where you can lounge on sofas, drinking your favourite beverages, and is also a nice place to hang out with friends, your significant other, or to mingle with other guests, while relaxing in the shade, right on the edge of the pool deck.

    The Game Room
    The game room is located right off of the swimming pool deck, next to the bar, and has both a Billiard table, as well as a Ping Pong table contained within.

    The Spa
    Lori Heuer worked as one of the lead Masseurs at one of the top 5 spas in the world, Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs for 13 years, kneading away the cares of the rich and the famous. She will import those skills all the way to this remote corner of the world, and train the Kandui Villas staff to give first class care to surfers who have been working themselves over on the reefs all day long, and to non-surfing guests who want some TLC.

    Boats & Access
    Kandui and Baby Kandui are directly in front of the Kandui Beach Villas and there are two dozen other spots within 30 minutes by fast boat, in all directions. For getting to the surf, Kandui Beach Villas has a solid inventory of boats for accessing the inventory of waves: two, five-meter plastic dinghies, one 5.2 meter Kahajaya center-consul speed boat and four, 45-50 foot longboats for accessing the spots outside of Playgrounds: Hideaways, Nipussi, Burgerworld, E-Bay.

    Kandui Villas launches their fleet of surf boats from four cement docks. Three of the docks are built in a mangrove lagoon located behind each section of the resort making for easy transitions to and from the resort. The fourth dock is a jetty located on the front beach side of the resort, in a keyhole channel between Kandui Left and Baby Kandui.

    The long boats are 45-50 feet long, and five to six feet wide. Because of the long boats’ sleek design, they cut through the chop better than any boats around, giving a smooth, comfortable and stable ride even through rough seas. Their construction is also very strong, using an entire tree the length of the boat for the body. The long boats all use three x 40 HP outboards, and go 20+ knots. They have canopies, comfortable padded seats, and all the safety gear, including life jackets, flares, GPS, EPIRB, and satellite phone contained in a Pelican case. Each boat brings a drinking water dispenser, and cooler with snacks, and drinks.

    In a word: styling. In another word: safety. In a third word: speed

    Nanny Service
    Nanny service is available by special request, and when available. With enough notice, we should always be able to arrange a Nanny for you, so you may slip away, and enjoy some time with your spouse, or significant other.

    Tsunami Preparedness
    The 7.7 earthquake in October of 2012 had its epicentre 175 miles south of Padang and seemed to have it in for the Southern Mentawai surfing areas – crashing one yacht into a second in the bay at Macaroni Resort, and wiping out the surf resort there.

    Kandui Beach Villas are all too aware of the tsunami threat and they are taking precautions for the safety of their guests, and their own families. Kandui Villas is an official partner on the German-Indonesian Tsunami early warning system. The only real-time GPS monitoring station for their system is located at Kandui Villas. German-Indonesian Tsunami early warning system team also just set up the quickest email update warning system for us, at our request, which gives us a map showing the epicentre, the magnitude of the quake, as well as the depth of the quake, within two minutes from the time of the event.

    Kandui Beach Villas are also working on a tidal gauge warning system and other tsunami precautions. If guests feel a large quake, or are alerted to earth movement beyond the horizon, Kandui Villas has built a safe refuge at the top of a 30 meter high hill: “There is no such thing as being overly-prepared for a possible tsunami,” Jordan Heuer said. “I take this very seriously not only because I want my guests and workers to be safe, but also because I live out here with my wife, my six-year old daughter Kanna, and 1.5-year old daughter, Kya.”

    Our ClearWater rating:
    Eco-Friendly Resort

    What are the rates?

    Interested to book or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us! We will get back at you within 24 hours (probably much faster).

    Tel: +316 55 828 727

    Our ClearWater rating:
    Eco-Friendly Resort

    Freqeuntly Asked Questions

    Questions? We might have them covered right here!

    When are the Mentawai waves at their best?
    – March and April: glassy conditions, a few more rights, less people but smaller waves.
    – May, June, July and September: Big surf – high season.
    – Late September and October: glassy conditions, a few more rights, less people but smaller waves.
    – November, December, January and February: Rainy but still good surface conditions and smaller waves with no one around. Clean waves.

    How to get there?

    Simply book a flight to Padang (PDG)  with airlines like Emirates/Singapore Airlines/Etihad/ Sri Lankan/ Qatar ( free surf boards ) or Turkish Airlines / Tiger Airlines/ Air Berlin / Condor

    How do I make a reservation?
    1. Contact us regarding your request and/or any questions you may have. Use the form above, call us (+316 55 828 727) or write us an e-mail (
    2. Together we will arrange your trip from A to Z.
    3. Have you read our Booking Terms? Before confirming, please read them.

    Don’t forget your:
    – Surf equipment (+ repair kit)
    – Passport (at least 6 months valid upon date of return)
    – Visas. For Indonesia you get a 30 day free visa upon arrival.
    – Travel insurance
    – Board shorts, sunscreen and slippers
    – Music
    – Books

    Our ClearWater rating:
    Eco-Friendly Resort


    Our ClearWater rating:
    Eco-Friendly Resort


    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia
    Our ClearWater rating:
    Eco-Friendly Resort


    Our ClearWater rating:
    Eco-Friendly Resort

    The Surf

    Kandui Right aka Rifles
    Just ask 10-time world champion Kelly Slater or anyone else who has charged it and you’ll understand it lives up to Jordan Heuer’s description: “Kandui Right (AKA Rifles) is the best right hander in the entire world. It can be up to 800+ yards long, with freight train tube after freight train tube from start to finish. Better than J-Bay, better than Sanur, and any other of the top right handers in the world. Hands down the best right hander in the world. Rifles is only six minutes from Kandui Villas.

    Kandui Left
    AKA Kanduis or Nokanduis = a startlingly fast, hollow perfect wave, known as the best left in the world, by any person and any top pro surfers who have surfed it on a good day. One of those rare things in the surfing world that lives up to the hype, and then some. Unless you grew up with Pipeline, Teahupoo, Grajagan, Cloudbreak or a NASCAR track in your front yard, few waves in the world are preparation for the length, depth and intensity of Kandui. Surfers from around the world come back to Kandui to figure it out and get it wired, and once they have caught one good wave there, they are hooked for life, and keep coming back to add minutes and hours of tube time to their life inventory.

    Baby Kandui
    When Kandui Left is giant and only mad dogs and Englishmen are game to charge it at 12-foot plus, other mortals take the five-minute paddle down the beach to Baby Kandui, or paddle off the beach directly in front of the beach jetty in front of Kandui Villas. When the swell is giant, Baby Kandui is a 300 yard long, tubing left hander, with 3-4 tube sections on each wave. When Baby Kandui is small and high tide, it is an easy, long, left that is ideal for hot dogging, or long boarding.

    Malibu Rights
    Only five minutes from Kandui Beach Villas, this is a short but sometimes fun, easy right breaking on a small, one-palm tree sand island.

    Playgrounds Left& Right
    AKA Karambat Left, Bikinis or G-strings. Around the northern tip of the island and on the northeast side, but only five minutes by dinghy from Kandui Villas. This wave is predominantly a long easy left, but also has a right hander off of it when it gets a bit bigger. A good tune-up for surfers who don’t want to immediately fling themselves into the maw of Kandui. The view of all the surrounding islands from Karambat will knock the jet lag out of you and leave no doubt you’re not in Kansas anymore.

    4 Bobs
    Located directly in front of the Kandui Resort on the east side of the island, 4 Bobs is a fun, hot-dog right-hander that is many steps down in intensity from Kandui/Kanduis/Nokandui, but is still better than 99% of the waves wherever you came from. Surfers who haven’t managed a turn while racing the barrels elsewhere come to 4 Bobs to throw spray and get airs.

    A Frames
    A popular, consistent left breaking off a small island on the east side of the main island. Not as intense as Kandui – because few waves in the Mentawai, or anywhere, are – A Frames can be high performance heaven for goofy foots, but will also throw up a barrel to remind surfers why they came all that way

    E Bay
    Twenty minutes from Kandui Beach Villas, E-Bay is a fickle left reef that fires when the swell is out of the west. E-Bay starts to grind when it’s overhead and goes to double overhead plus and is a fairly typical, perfect, hollow grinding Mentawai left barrel.

    About 15 minutes by boat from Kandui Beach Villas, Bank Vaults is the 2nd best right hander in the Mentawai after Rifles, often compared to a cross between Backdoor Pipeline and Sunset Beach, but better, and with much easier drops. At any size, Bank Vaults offers amazing tube rides, but when it’s big, this spot has the biggest right hand tubes in the Mentawai Islands.

    Right reef about 15 minutes by fast longboat from Kandui Beach Villas. If you’re tired of going Mach One through barrels front side or backside, Nipussi is the place to go for hitting the lip, launching your bag of tricks and big carves. In other words: A performance wave that actually lets you out of the barrel from time to time. Nipussi is one of the more consistent, reliable waves in the Playgrounds inventory.

    Twenty minutes from Kandui Beach Villas, Pit Stops is kind of like sushi, or other acquired tastes: Some people swear by it, others swear at it. Pit Stops is a right reef and a favourite wave for surfers who want to work on their aerials, tail slides and other tricks. In other words: A hotdog wave that will still barrel, although a lot of surfers prefer to float over the barrel than ride in them on this wave.

    Beng Beng
    If you want to come to the Mentawai and enjoy the view and surf without worrying about getting caught inside or trapped inside the barrel, Beng Beng is one of the spots. Anywhere else in the world, Beng Beng would cause riots but this left reef – which is better on lower tides – is one of the easier nearby waves when the easy waves in the Kandui/Playgrounds area are not working – and Beng Beng is a good tune-up for the more Black Diamond waves available.

    Far off and fickle, as this spot is on the west side of a small island somewhat shadowed by Nyang Nyang and Karangmajat. Hideaways is a left reef that everyone knows about and keeps a weather eye on, for that proper combination of swell angle and wind. When it breaks, it approaches the Teahupoo and Pipeline class for challenge and gnarliness.

    Even farther to the northwest, the island of Karangniki is close to Siberut and is home to Burgerworld: As the name implies, Burger World is not the fastest or most powerful wave in the Playgrounds inventory, but it’s one of the more consistent waves in the area, and a place surfers flock to on those rare occasions when there is no swell. When it is in the shoulder-high-to-a-couple-feet-over-head range, Burgerworld is a long rippable right hand point break with some tube sections, and has been compared to a section of small J-Bay by some.

    Our ClearWater rating:
    Eco-Friendly Resort

    Accommodation details

    swimming pool
    Tsunami preparedness
    Infinity pool
    Organic green house
    Traditional bungalows
    Nanny service

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