How to get to the Maldives

The Maldives can only be reached with an airplane. Therefore you need to fly to Male, the capital of the Maldives. To enjoy your surf trip in the Maldives, make sure to bring enough surfboards. Check your airline company for their policies concerning surfboards.

The airport code is MLE. Airliners like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Etihad, Sri Lankan, Qatar (free surf boards), Turkish Airlines, Tiger Airlines, Air Berlin and Condor have regular flights. You can check them, or search through an easy flight scanner like Skyscanner. When booking be sure to check for oversized luggage for your surf gear! While planning your trip with us, we will arrange the transfer to your surf boat or surf resort, depending on your wishes and arrival / departure details.

Like we said – hassle free surf trips!

Maldives International Airport

General info and when to go?

The 26 Atolls in The Maldives were formed around the edges of volcanic peaks creating the characteristic ring shaped atolls with a true surfing playground with reef passes amongst the 1.200 islands.

Surfing is from March / November but in the Southern Atolls or on the West side waves can be found all year long. The most consistent months for surfing are May/June/July/August/September but March/April and October/ November still have good waves both in North Male / Central Atolls and Southern Atolls.

Temperature wise the Maldives is pretty stable year round with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. From May on till December there will be more rain opposed to January / April.

You don’t need a wetsuit here, but it might be a good idea to bring a neoprene top for late afternoon surfing and reef protection (as well as booties). Apart from that it`s safe to sit outside at night without getting hammered by mosquitos and other critters.

Practical information

All surf boats and resorts accept USD but credit cards don’t work on the surf boats. Best is to bring USD in cash from home for the bar bill and tips.

There is an ATM upon arrival but only in local currency. If you want to stay connected there are 2 phone providers in the arrival hall and they sell local sim cards for good rates with 3G internet. That way you can make calls to the family and/or friends back home and share you surf pics!

Upon arrival you will get a free 30 day visa. Be sure that your passport is 6 months valid upon the date of return.

North & South Male Atoll

Most surfers book in this area as it`s close to the airport and rates are always the best for both surf boats and resorts.

North Male surf breaks:
Jails: long fast righthander breaking of the local island of Himmafushi, perfectly sheltered from SW/W winds.
Honkeys: lefthander breaking of Thamburudhoo island, reforms on the inside and gets 2 foot bigger Sultans: most surfed wave in The Maldives , good righthander, mellow outside and barrels on the inside, off shore in SW/W winds
Pasta Point: left hander breaking off resort island Dhonveli, off limit for Surf Boats
Ninja`s: mellow right hander often uncrowded but very nice wave, very shallow on the inside
Lohi`s: left hander that breaks of resort Hudhuranfushi, off limit to Surf Boats, long and perfect, max 40 surfers on the island, perfect option when all other breaks are crowded.
Coke`s: heavy right hander that breaks off local island Thulusdhoo, barrels
Chickens: long left hander on the other side of the channel from Coke`s , when the peaks connect , excellent wave , lot of water on the inside

South Male Atoll surf breaks:
It´s good to go here when North Male is too massive to surf or crowded. The waves are around 2 foot smaller but it’s still a very nice atoll and great for snorkeling. These are the surf breaks:
Lucky Joe: perfect left hand reef break that works best on any N wind , fast and hollow.
Two ways: in front of Gulhi , left and right hander
Quarters: in front of the worker island of Anantara , mellow right hander , ideal for less advanced surfers , inside is hollow and shallow
Kandooma right: off limits to boats but very good right hander with small take off point .
Rip Tides: workable right hander close to Guraidhoo local island, good wave!

Central & Southern Atolls

The central Atolls are always less crowded than North Male and not that many boats go here. It has a beautiful scenery with great waves and excellent fishing. Only a few surf resort like Six Senses and Niyama are located in the Central Atolls.

By boat you will surf Meemu / Dhaalu/ Thaa and Laamu with very good options as waves can be surfed on the east side but also on the west side of the Maldives.

In the Southern Atolls you`ll surf South Huvadhoo atoll with famous waves like Blue Bowls , Love Charms , Tiger stripes and Beacons and many more.
Only Ayada surf resort is right in the middle of all breaks. you can read more about this resort in our blog; Top 3 Luxury surf resorts in the Maldives.

Discover our Surf Charters in the Maldives

This is where it all began. The Maldives. One of worlds best destinations for a surfing trip. Either to find a resort in one of the countless Atolls (each with amazing surf) or with your private charter – this is a destination that will amaze you!

You will find that most of our surf boats are on offer in the Maldives. All with the North & South Male Atolls on route, but most will offer you a route though the Central en Southern Atolls at a surcharge for the fuel. Check out the rates for more details on that.

Keen to catch your first glassy waves or overhead bombs? The Maldives will offer you surfing conditions for all types of surfers. Lefts, rights, small, big or fast – this is the destination your going to surf more in one week than you will in a year at home!


Discover all Surf Resorts in the Maldives!

The Maldives has countless of Atolls with many resorts for you to enjoy. Most of them have great surf out front or at a short boat ride away and that’s exactly what we have on offer for you!

Find the surf resort you are looking for  and enjoy the unparalleled level of luxury in your private beach house or in your water house with infinity pool. You name it and you’re going to find it here. Most resorts offer a Spa for you to relax in after a great day in the water surfing the barrels you always dreamed of.

A detailed description of the waves at or near the resorts can be found on the resort page, together with all the detailed information you might need in your search for a surf holiday to the Maldives you’re never going to forget!