How to get to Indonesia

Flying to the Mentawai area? You need to book your flight to Padang with airport code PDG. If your destination is Banyak then best check for Medan with airport code KNO or MES.

Airliners like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Etihad, Sri Lankan, Qatar (free surf boards), Turkish Airlines, Tiger Airlines, Air Berlin and Condor have regular flights. You can check them, or search through an easy flight scanner like Skyscanner.

When booking be sure to check for oversized luggage for your surf gear! While planning your trip with us, we will arrange the transfer to your surf boat or surf resort, depending on your wishes and arrival / departure details.

Like we said – hassle free surf trips!

General info and when to go?

If you are looking to book your trip to the Banyak islands, Mentawai or Bali then you want to know when to go. Here is a guideline:

March and April: glassy conditions, a few more rights, less people but smaller waves.

May, June, July and September: Big surf – high season.

Late September and October: glassy conditions, a few more rights, less people but smaller waves.

November, December, January and February: Rainy but still good surface conditions and smaller waves with no one around. Clean waves.

Temperature wise Indonesia has a tropical climate year round with temperatures from 23 to 30 degrees Celsius. The main difference is the monsoon bringing wind and rain from the south and east in June through September and from the northwest in December through March.

Practical information

ATMs are available in cities and larger towns but be aware that many have a maximum withdrawal limit which can be as high as Rp3,000,000 or as low as Rp400,000. This can be overcome by putting your card again but be careful as you may be hit with a bank fee each time.

Health insurance to include emergency repatriation cover is strongly advised. Adequate routine medical care is available in all major cities. Vaccinations for tuberculosis, meningitis and Japanese B encephalitis are sometimes recommended. Remember to drink lots of water and apply sun cream.

To enter Indonesia, a passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry is required by all nationals.

The Surf!

Indonesia and more specific the Mentawai and Banyak Islands along with Bali will provide you with amazing surf. There are plenty of top class waves ready to be surfed, wherever you go. When scrolling on our website you will find detailed information about the waves near your resort or villa so that you can make a good choice. We do of course have a fine selection, shown below.

Lance’s Right: Lances is the epitome of the classic Indo wave, a very long, superbly shaped wave that is renowned for being one of the most consistent locations in the Mentawai islands. At six feet and above be prepared for corduroy lines stacked to the horizon. The wave transforms into a steep, deep water takeoff with big open faces down the line. Is this the wave for you? Then check out Kingfisher Bay Resort!

Rifles: Just ask 11-time world champion Kelly Slater or anyone else who has charged it and you’ll understand it lives up to Jordan Heuer’s description: “Kandui Right (AKA Rifles) is the best right hander in the entire world. It can be up to 800+ yards long, with freight train tube after freight train tube from start to finish. Rifles is only six minutes from Kandui Villas.

Shipwrecks: The most famous and most surfed of all the waves on Nusa Lembongan, this right produces a good wall for maneuvers and, depending on the tide, good tubes. Best at medium tide with a 4 to 6 foot swell, but can hold bigger swell on a good day.

Macaronis: Macaronis is surfable on large or small swells, in all tides and almost any wind conditions. It has a reputation as being the best on-shore wave to surf in the world and is popular with both intermediate and experienced surfers. On large swells Macas can offer some of the most epic tube riding conditions around and in smaller swells it is a perfectly shaped peeling left hander, great for all levels of surfing. Looking to surf this wave? Then check out the Macaronis surf resort.

Discover all charters in Indonesia

Mentawai has a countless amount of amazing surf with some of the best left and rights you will ever surf. In the right conditions getting 10+ second barrels the Mentawai is a destination that is going to exceed your expectations and take your surfing to the next level.

Within our range of surf boat charters there is enough experience on board to take us back to the stone age. The crowded waves are on the map and are there to surf for everyone. But with your private surf boat along with the surf guide or captain to take you to the hidden gems your bound to have the time of your life.

Surf in perfect contions with your mates and put your feet up in your private charter whilest enjoying a drink and sailing to your next wave!


Discover all resorts in Indonesia

Finding a surf resort to suit your needs has never been so easy. Check out the resorts we have on offer in the Mentawai, Bali and Sumatra area. Each with surf at your doorstep ready to be enjoyed by you and your travel companions.

Indonesian surf resorts come cheaper than the Maldives resorts and will also give you a wider range of variety. Whether you are looking for a cheaper or more expensive resort, one that is top class or a simple and decent in the midst of nature; in Indonesia you’re going to find a destination that will suit your needs.

Ready to kick back, relax and get your surf going? Check out we have to offer!