Find your luxury or budget surf resort in the Maldives or Indonesia!

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Are you looking for a true paradise? Have a look at the selection of resorts we have on offer. ClearWater Surf Travel is specialized in finding and offering the best resorts with great surf out front. Either in the Maldives or regions in Indonesia – there is always a resort for you.

The Maldives: unparalleled luxury and perfect waves just a step away

The Maldives has countless of Atolls with many resorts for you to enjoy. Most of them have great surf out front or at a short boat ride away and that’s exactly what we have on offer for you! Find the surf resort you are looking for and enjoy the unparalleled level of luxury in your private beach house or in your water house with infinity pool. You name it and you’re going to find it here. Most resorts offer a Spa for you to relax in after a great day in the water surfing the barrels you always dreamed of.

A detailed description of the waves at or near the resorts can be found on the resort page, together with all the detailed information you might need in your search for a surf holiday to the Maldives you’re never going to forget!

Surf Resorts Indonesia

Indonesia’s… best kept secrets!

Finding a surf resort to suit your needs has never been so easy. Check out the resorts we have on offer in the Mentawai, Bali and Sumatra area. Each with surf at your doorstep ready to be enjoyed by you and your travel companions.

Indonesian surf resorts come cheaper than the Maldives resorts and will also give you a wider range of variety. Whether you are looking for a cheaper or more expensive resort, one that is top class or a simple and decent in the midst of nature; in Indonesia you’re going to find a destination that will suit your needs.

Ready to kick back, relax and get your surf going? Check out we have to offer!