Kandui villas surf resort mentawai Indonesia

Kandui Villas surf resort Mentawai

Kandui Villas is a fairly new, upscale, Eco-Friendly Resort, located in the surfing mecca known as Playgrounds, in the Mentawai Islands.

Tired of having to choose world class waves or world class accommodations? It is no longer an issue. Introducing Kandui Beach Villas. The worlds #1 luxury surf resort and the next level of luxury surf travel.

From the founder of Kandui Resort, we bring to you Kandui Beach Villas, opening June 1st, 2012. Kandui Beach Villas is located on Karangmajet Island, directly in front of Kandui left, and Baby Kandui, in the middle of the surf mecca known as ‘Playgrounds’. Kandui Villas features twelve private bungalows, also known as traditional Mentawai uma’s, using the finest quality local hardwoods. The uma’s are intelligently designed, combining traditional Mentawai craftsmanship with modern day luxury and amenities. Each uma is hand carved to a theme, inspired by natural surroundings.