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Botik – your luxury surf resort in Indonesia / Mentawai

Botik Resort is situated in the north part of the island in front of the islands of Mainuk and Nyang Nyang. It has two private bungalows of approximately 100 square meters to sleep four people very comfortably. Large rooms and a lot of space are a main priority for us.

In the middle and right on our breath taking beach we have the restaurant perfectly situated to enjoy the best sunsets you could imagine. On the right of the restaurant we built a tower to chill out up there.

Botik Resort is surrounded by beautiful gardens and at the very back right next to the billabong we have our main tower we store our fresh water. Botik Resort has been designed to offer a maximum comfort.

Situated exactly in the middle of the playgrounds area, the island has a total surface area of approximately 72 Hectare that is about one kilometer long and 500 meters wide.
The whole island is surrounded by a pristine white sand beach, half of it is covered with palm trees and the other half by a massive rain forest with trees over 30 meters high and great diversity of natural life.

Check out the Gallery and details for a full impression. If you wish to have more info on availabilty, prices and tips; don’t hesitate to contact us!

Accommodation details

The Restaurant
Built on the beach this is the perfect location for everyone to meet right after the surf and enjoy our delicious meals watching the videos from the day and relaxing All our recipes have been made by a professional Spanish cook that lives in Bali. We also have some other local Sumatran meals.

The Bungalows
Both Botik Resort Bungalows are very similar and they are located about 40 meters from the beach.
They are made to have 4 people living in great comfort.
They have an inside area of 80 square meters (900 square feet).
About 30 square meters (350 square feet) of veranda overlooking the ocean.
All furnished with high quality teak furniture.
Each Bungalow has 2 bedrooms and a spacious living room and a bathroom.
It is equipped with air conditioning and fans.
Free Wifi Available

What are the rates?

To view the rates please open the PDF document below:

Boktik Resort - Rates

Interested to book or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us! We will get back at you within 24 hours (probably much faster).

Tel:: +316 55 828 727

Questions? We might have them covered right here!

When are the Mentawai waves at their best?
March and April: glassy conditions, a few more rights, less people but smaller waves.
May, June, July and September: Big surf – high season.
Late September and October: glassy conditions, a few more rights, less people but smaller waves.
November, December, January and February: Rainy but still good surface conditions and smaller waves with no one around. Clean waves.

How to get there?

Simply book a flight to Padang (PDG)  with airlines like Emirates/Singapore Airlines/Etihad/ Sri Lankan/ Qatar ( free surf boards ) or Turkish Airlines / Tiger Airlines/ Air Berlin / Condor

How do I make a reservation?
1. Contact us regarding your request and/or any questions you may have. Use the form above, call us (+316 55 828 727) or write us an e-mail (
2. Together we will arrange your trip from A to Z.
3. Have you read our Booking Terms? Before confirming, please read them.

Don’t forget your:
– Surf equipment (+ repair kit)
– Passport (at least 6 months valid upon date of return)
– Visas. For Indonesia you get a 30 day free visa upon arrival.
– Travel insurance
– Board shorts, sunscreen and slippers
– Music
– Books


Botik resort

Botik resort

Botik resort

Botik resort

Botik resort

Botik resort

Botik resort

Botik resort

Botik resort

Botik resort

The Surf

Botik Resort is perfectly situated inside the Northern part of the Mentawais which enables us to get to all those perfect breaks in very little time, Kandui left in 5 minutes, hideaways in 3 minutes, Bank Vaults in 8 minutes.
Aside from these waves, all the rest are in a maximum radius of 15 minutes from our island and they are all exposed to different winds and swell directions.

The waves in the Mentawai archipelago are some of the most consistent on the planet thanks to their location within the Indian Ocean.

There are more than 15 waves accessible to our resort.
They range in diversity from small and easy to big and gnarly.
The waves range from world class lefts and rights such as Kandui and Rifles to other mellower breaks like 4 Bobs or Beng Bengs for all levels of surfers.

Depending on the winds and swell directions we drive on our speedboats looking for the best conditions. Every day is possible to find at least 3 feet offshore waves. The proximity of our resort to all these breaks and the short distance in between them makes it possible for us to explore several breaks in very little time.

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