Looking to chase and surf world class waves with your private surf boat?

ClearWater Surf Travel offers a range of luxury and budget surf charters operating in the Maldives, Mentawai and Banyak. Have a look below and find out what suits you best! Wether your going with a big or small group, you want to sail long or short – we can make your surf trip meet your needs and standards. Are you ready to surf world class waves?

Find out what the Maldives have to offer

This is where it all began. The Maldives. One of worlds best destinations for a surfing trip. Either to find a resort in one of the countless Atolls (each with amazing surf) or with your private charter – this is a destination that will amaze you!

You will find that most of our surf boats are on offer in the Maldives. All with the North & South Male Atolls on route, but most will offer you a route though the Central en Southern Atolls at a surcharge for the fuel. Check out the rates for more details on that.

Keen to catch your first glassy waves or overhead bombs? The Maldives will offer you surfing conditions for all types of surfers. Lefts, rights, small, big or fast – this is the destination your going to surf more in one week than you will in a year at home!

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Mentawai… without a doubt world class waves!

Mentawai has a countless amount of amazing surf with some of the best left and rights you will ever surf. In the right conditions getting 10+ second barrels the Mentawai is a destination that is going to exceed your expectations and take your surfing to the next level.

Within our range of surf boat charters there is enough experience on board to take us back to the stone age. The crowded waves are on the map and are there to surf for everyone. But with your private surf boat along with the surf guide or captain to take you to the hidden gems your bound to have the time of your life.

Surf in perfect contions with your mates and put your feet up in your private charter whilest enjoying a drink and sailing to your next wave!

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Surf in Banyak: top waves year round…

The Banyak area will give you uncrowded waves year round due to the lack of trade winds. With fewer surf charters in the water it is less popular than the Maldives and Mentawai. Dont be fooled though – Banyak will definitly provide you amazing surf!

Hopping on your Banyak surf charter means your going to discover some new waves taking you on a surfing adventure. With smaller charters in also means you are bound to groups of max 12 guests, where you are able to go up to 28 people in the Maldives. The standard of luxury is high, but wont meet the exceptional standards of our top charters in the Maldives. In return though… you will get anything you want and need along with uncrowded waves and stable conditions year round. What else do you want?

Check out our boats and make your reservation today!

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