The natural, dense vegetation of the island sets it apart from many other Maldives resorts. The three-kilometre-long island has 12 hectares of lush foliage, towering banyan trees, 17,000 coconut trees, 45 species of plants, three natural lagoons and nature trails for guests to explore. Furthermore, there's excellent snorkelling around the island for enjoyment of abundant underwater beauty and encounters with colourful subaquatic residents.

Guided Walking Tours
Catch the weekly guided tour in the resort's jungle and learn more about Villingili's flora and fauna.

Underwater Trails and Coral Gardens
The Underwater Nature Trail, designed by the resort's marine specialist, leads out to the resort's house reef on the northern end of Villingili Island. Submerged signage identifies resident marine life along the way, including branching corals, sea anemones, Maldives anemone fish, and many more. The marine specialist has also created snorkel gardens close to the shoreline of the resort, ideal for less experienced swimmers and children.

Guided Bike Tours in Addu
Explore by bicycle the five neighbouring islands connected by a 17-kilometre road that is the longest in Maldives. Set out with a picnic and discover the fascinating lifestyle and culture of untouched Maldivian villages or stop at a coffee shop to chat with the locals over a meal.

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