We know that for some guests being able to keep in touch with business and family is important.

If you need it then you can take advantage of the satellite internet that is available in your rooms. We do not have a satellite phone so if you want to make phone calls from your laptop we recommend that you download Skype. For free downloads go to, it costs nothing for computer to computer video calls and they also have cheap by the minute rates for calls made from your laptop to any phone anywhere.
Most of our guests don‘t want to be reminded of work so we ask that you do keep your laptop in your room and please do not use them in public areas.

The small number of guests allows maximum use of the facilities and the opportunity to savor all the privacy and seclusion that Nihiwatu has to offer.

Nihiwatu - Sumba - IndonesiaThe restaurant and open air dinning pavilions overlook the sea and beach.

Our chefs’ daily blackboard creations use only fresh homegrown organic vegetables and poultry, imported meats and our local catch of the day. Guests enjoy a sampling of local and international cuisine including savory soups, barbequed fish, and fresh fruits. Coffee, tea and cakes are available at anytime and anywhere you want. We are usually able to accommodate special diet needs if you give us adequate advance notice.

Breakfast and lunches are served throughout most of the day but dinner is a special affair. Appetizers are served at the bar and when everyone sits down at the long tables for dinner they all take part in what often becomes very interesting conversations.
Meal-time really becomes a gathering of friends.

The outdoor pavilions are the perfect place for romantic private dining, be it near the beach or up on a hill, there really is nothing like eating out under the stars and moonlight.

Nihiwatu - Sumba - IndonesiaNihiwatu - Sumba - IndonesiaOur bar is dramatically positioned on the cliffs edge with sweeping views of the sea, surf and the spectacular sunsets. The bar is fully stocked with a wide range of spirits and a selection of fine wines from Europe, North and South America and Australia. At sunset it becomes the pre-dinner meeting place where guest share their exploits and adventures of the day. After dinner it can become quite a lively place where often times the truth will not get in the way of a good story.

Our swimming and plunge pools are located on a hilltop overlooking the beach and sea. The spectacular views from this location make this the place to be spending some time simply doing nothing at all except soaking in the sun and clocking up maximum relaxation time.

At Nihiwatu we do know how to pamper.
We have positioned our outdoor Jungle Spa under the trees just above the beach to allow for privacy and great views. A full range of massage and body treatments are available which, when coupled with the sound of the surf will definitely sooth both your body and soul. Up high above the beach sits the Hilltop Spa, the ideal venue for a romantic experience. Here we can offer the “Ultimate Spa Experience”, soaking in a large scented tub, enjoying a chilled glass of wine or champagne with views to die for.
Just when you think that it can’t get any better, it does … foot baths, massages, body scrubs, facials; this is an experience you will never forget!

Nihiwatu - Sumba - IndonesiaNihiwatu - Sumba - Indonesia

There are few places better suited for Yoga and Meditation than Nihiwatu. American Ka’ale Sea is our resident instructor and she is available at anytime of the day for private or group practice and instruction. Our venue is inspiring; the structure is built entirely of bamboo and without any nails. Although we don’t encourage our guests to mix business with pleasure we do understand that keeping in touch now and then is important. For you we have WiFi internet service available in your room.


We aim to create the very best Food and Beverage experiences for you. Our entire team wants to meet and even exceed your culinary expectations, for them it’s important.

Dining options at Nihiwatu are designed to make your stay diverse, exciting and slightly adventurous. Our Chef and his team work to produce a combination of dishes that allow Asian and Western cuisines to meet in culinary terms. Every effort is made to find ingredients of the highest quality and have them delivered to Sumba as pure and as fresh as they might have been served at their origin. Perfect blends of eastern and western foods are presented with choices that change daily.

To compliment the dining options we offer a wine list that covers many wine producing countries in both hemispheres. This mixture of new world wines and good French classics offers you the opportunity to fulfill the dining experience despite the remoteness of the island.

If you think you have found peace and tranquility at Nihiwatu, then brace yourself for the ultimate Robinson Crusoe experiences. We can take you to venues were the bounds of civilization no longer exist; where you will picnic on a remote beach or waterfall and have the opportunity to experience pristine nature in its raw form. If you are taken by the magic of the Sumba sky, and you wish to capture a romantic moment while dining under the star lit sky, just ask and we will set up a table for you in one of many special private venues. Using only candles and natural light from the stars and moon your dinner is discreetly served. As the waiter slips away the rest is up to you.Nihiwatu - Sumba - Indonesia

Special Diets

We have an extensive Vegetarian menu available for you and we can prepare Vegan dishes on request, we also a have a great menu for the children. However if you have any special dietary requests please let us know about them prior to your arrival. We may need to ship in ingredients, but with enough notice we will get it for you.

Want to Learn?

Once a week we have cooking classes at our beach kitchen with Chef Andi. This is a special opportunity to learn the tricks of Asian cooking in an incredible setting where the forest meets the sea.


Wellness is, in essence, the act of being well. When an individual has reached total wellness, they are happier, healthier and whole in mind, body and spirit. Lifestyles that promote good health and wellness can be found in persons who actively practice healthy eating habits, a good exercise regimen like Yoga or other cardiovascular exercises, enhancing life with supplemental minerals, vitamins and other natural herbs, and moreover, having a healthy and upbeat attitude in general. Overall, wellness is more so a state of mind whereby a person sets a goal of attaining good health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle both physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Most of our guests have already chosen, in one way or another, a wellness lifestyle and for them it is important to be able to maintain it when traveling. Others who have yet to make the lifestyle change are interested in exploring the possibilities if it is convenient enough and readily available.

Both profiles can find it easy to maintain or explore a wellness lifestyle while at Nihiwatu. At our Spa you will find a large variety of massage and body treatments that not only please the body but also soothe the soul. Yoga and meditation classes are available on call whenever you want. Private and group lessons are available with our resident instructor from Hawaii Ka′ale Sea. Our venue is inspiring; the structure is built according to traditional Sumba spirit house design and constructed following traditional methods and materials. It is the largest traditional building of its kind on the island and is the pride of the local residents who built it.

Booking Enquiries

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