CHRISTMAS ISLAND - Kiritimati - October to April

Surf Season from October till April at Christmas island Resort and NO CROWDS !!!

Christmas Island - Kiritimati

.....what surfer hasn't had that know the one.....about going back 40 years in time and being 'That Guy' who first discovered Bali....then surfing endless sunny days on perfect uncrowded waves witnessed only by the dolphins....Well make that "the dolphins and some of your mates" and you're pretty much in the Christmas Island picture.

Christmas Island - KiritimatiChristmas Island - Kiritimati

Christmas Island - KiritimatiChristmas Island - KiritimatiPossibly because Christmas Island has featured on websites like "The World's 12 Most Remote Places", it is a place time has overlooked. You won't find a MacDonalds but you will find at least 24 waves within five kilometer of coast!

Christmas Island - KiritimatiChristmas Island - Kiritimati

Crystal clear translucent waters await the adventurer who yearns for something new. Be one of the lucky few to surf our uncrowded waves. Fish and dive in natures ultimate playground whose generous bounty provides fresh fish for the evening feast.


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