CHRISTMAS ISLAND - Kiritimati - October to April

Surf & Swell

Christmas Island - KiritimatiChristmas Island - KiritimatiChristmas Island - KiritimatiChristmas Island - Kiritimati

The Swel & Overview

The most consistent time is from October to April. 
We get the same swell as Oahu's North Shore only smaller with an even longer period.
The general rule is that if Sunset Beach is 8ft, then we will get up to 4ft at Paris, in 3 to 4 days time.
And like Sunset, we do get flat days, and unfortunately can never guarantee swell. 
Most of the waves fire upto a solid 6 ft (12 ft face). There are some set-ups which hold 7 ft plus, but our ideal size is in the 3 to 6 ft range.
And fortunately, this is our normal swell size. 

Christmas Island - KiritimatiChristmas Island - Kiritimati

Christmas Island is blessed with offshore wind all day and every day. And normally if London is 2 ft, then Paris will be 4 ft.

Christmas island resort has 24 waves within a stretch of 5 kilometer coastline!

The Crowds
We have no crowds here, that word again 'no crowds'!!

Christmas Island - Kiritimati

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