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Getting There

1 Getting to Padang

All Mentawai adventures begin in the city of Padang, and with a wide range of airlines and schedules to choose from.

Padang can be reached conveniently from the following transit cities:

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (1 or 2 flights a day with and Jakarta (daily flights with,

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VISA on arrival: a 30 day tourist VISA will need to be purchased at your first port of landing in Indonesia. The cost is US$25, and we suggest travelers have this prepared before arriving in Indonesia, a good tip is to keep this money with your passport to avoid any delays

2 From Padang to Kingfisher Bay Resort

Padang Airport

Upon arrival at Padang's Minangkabau International Airport, you will be greeted by one of our staff members with pre-arranged transport to the harbour or hotel depending on your schedule. From this point we can help with any pre-departure needs, like accessing money, where to eat or simply explore this unique and colourful city for a genuine Indonesian experience

Ferry to our island (Sipora island, Mentawai)

Charter speedboat transfer between Padang and the resort

Transportation from Padang to the resort in a speed boat (4 hours trip) and costs US$350 (includes return trip Padang-Resort-Padang).

Kingfisher Bay Resort -Mentawai IslandsKingfisher Bay Resort -Mentawai Islands


At Kingfisher Bay Resort we like to offer a wide range of activities, with an emphasis on utilizing the natural and cultural resources unique to the Mentawai Islands. However we also take every possible measure to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy your favorite activities and interests that you normally don't have time to pursue at home.


The Mentawai Islands are one of the few remaining natural habitats in the world. From the resort, guests can take half or full day treks through dense jungle punctuated by pockets of clove and cocoa plantations. Our local guide will hike with you from one coastline to another, taking in breathtaking hilltop views of the surrounding island, bay and surfing locations


The tropical waters of Southern Sipora provide excellent fishing opportunities for the casual angler. The resort boats are primarily used for surfing transport, so between wave-chasing sessions why not drop a line and maybe catch yourself dinner! Fishing tackle and equipment at the resort is fairly basic and limited, therefore we encourage more serious fishermen to bring their own gear.


We are very fortunate to have a wide choice of fantastic snorkeling sites with warm, crystal clear water close to the resort. Take a short bike or boat ride to discover a diverse collection of hard and soft corals which provide a home and feeding ground for schools of vibrant reef fish, shellfish, anemones, giant clams and turtles.

People of all fitness levels, even those with only limited swimming ability, can enjoy snorkeling. For first timers, one of our staff members will be happy to give you a quick lesson in snorkel use and basic safety before you take the plunge. Snorkel equipment at the resort is available for free use by all guests.

Wood carving and Weaving:

Under the guidance of talented local Mentawaian wood carvers and weavers, you can design and create your own piece of artwork. Make a unique souvenir for friends or family whilst getting to know the people who call Sipora Island their home.

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