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MENTAWAI INDO - KANDUI VILLAS | Accommodation & Services | The Surf | Rates | Info


There are a ton of things to consider prior to your departure but overall the trip is almost as simple as showing up at Padang airport, getting on an amphibious sea plane or speed boat, getting out to the resort, and start finding good waves.

1. How do I get to Indonesia?
We recommend that you travel to Padang in Sumatra (port of departure) via Jakarta. We can assist with bookings for your international flights, your Garuda air ticket to Padang, any additional domestic flights with in Indonesia, and any necessary overnight accommodations. Our crew and ground staff will meet you at the airport in Padang on arrival and make arrangements to transfer you to the amphibious air plane, or speed boat, depending on what transportation option is available at the time of your trip.

2. Where should I stay if I have an extra night on land?
This answer depends on where you have to stay for that extra night. Quite simply we suggest the following options:

  • Singapore: In Singapore we recommend using the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel - "The Roxy". The Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel is a world away from Singapore's hustle, yet just 10 minutes from key locations such as the city center, Changi International Airport and Singapore Expo, It is located on the East Coast of Singapore on Marine Parade Road Road, opposite Parkway Parade Shopping Center and within walking distance to East Coast Recreation Park.
  • If you don't have enough time to leave the airport there is a "Transit hotel" inside the airport that works quite well, the only downside to this option is that they have a major construction project underway and at times your stay could get quite noisy.
  • Jakarta: In Jakarta we recommend using the Airport Sheraton, or FM 7 Hotels. Both of these Hotels are nice, reasonably priced, and with in minutes from the Jakarta Airport.
  • Padang: In Padang we recommend using Best Western Basko Hotel. They are the nicest Hotel in Padang and the meeting place for surfers all over the world. They offer decent accommodations, a hearty breakfast in the morning and are reasonably priced.
  • We are more than happy to help you make your reservation in advance, and you pay for the hotel when you check out.

3. What do you suggest I pack for my trip?
The best advice when packing for a Kandui Villas trip is to pack as light as possible, especially for the amphibious airplane which will have a strict limit on baggage weight per passenger. Please click here to view our "Essentials" page and a extremely helpful checklist you should use for your trip.

4. What kind and how many boards should I take?
We highly recommend 'Resin 8' brand surf boards. They are the best boards on the market today, bar none, combining the best shapes, strongest materials, best flex pattern, and precision finishing work; 'The Ferrari of Surf boards'. The amphibious airplane will have a strict limit of 2 boards,but if we are utilizing the speed boat option then you may take a whole board coffin full of boards.
Mid length boards generally get used and only occasionally do the short boards and guns get pulled out. The best answer I can think of is to pack whatever you feel most comfortable surfing on.
If riding traditional fiberglass boards, then be prepared to ding up your boards and possibly break a few of them on your trip. Lastly, a good ding repair kit is crucial! At the very least bring some sort of sun cure resin for quick fixes.

5. What types of services and amenities are available ?
Kandui Villas has extremely nice, and comfortable luxury Uma accommodations, spa/massage facilities, a massive infinity edge swimming pool, a massive 2 story restaurant over looking the swimming pool area, connected with a massive wrap around out door wooden deck around the pool, connecting to our pool side game room, and pool side bar, and palapa. Kandui Villas also boasts the fastest Internet connection in the Mentawai islands, with WiFi around the entire pool area, and Internet via cable in all of the umas.
We have PCs available in the office, and besides that we recommend bringing your laptops. We also have a host of other activities including surfing, beach volley ball, billiards, ping pong, boce ball, snorkeling, and board games.

6. What type of health precautions should I take?
Most travelers usually update their tetanus and hepatitis shots before traveling to any remote region of the world.
Malaria is a reality in some parts of Indonesia including the Mentawai Islands; consult your doctor before coming. o If you take a prescription medication make sure you bring the necessary paperwork that goes with it in case of an emergency. o If you are prone to seasickness please bring something to counteract its effects such as Dramamine or bonine. o For more information please consult your doctor.

7. Should I be concerned about malaria?
It is a matter of personal choice whether to take anti- malarial medication. Kandui Villas does take the up most care to prevent malaria outbreaks, by screening all of our workers with rapid diagnostic tests anytime they show any flu like symptoms. Since there is no local village on our island, and thus no endemic malaria here, the chances are very small, and to date we have never had a single malaria case in our original Kandui Resort, nor at Kandui Villas. We live at Kandui year round, and have never contracted Malaria. So far so good, but the best policy is to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes..

8. Do I need travel insurance?
Travel Insurance is mandatory for your personal safety and proof of Travel Insurance is mandatory for each guest before boarding any of our boats. The easiest way for United States customers to acquire travel insurance is through our travel partner, Jeff Samuelson, at Oceanview Travel.
Travel Insurance packages start at $60 and go up. A decent travel insurance package will provide coverage for the following: trip cancellation and interruption, baggage delay, baggage coverage, travel delay, emergency medical and dental, emergency, medical transport and evacuation, and travel accident insurance.

9. What documents do I need to take?
Citizens of the United States need a passport with at least six months of validity left and one other form of identification. Kandui Villas requires that you send us your passport information including the number, date of issue, and place of issue prior to your departure at the same time that you pay your deposit, so we can arrange the necessary police permits for your travel to the Mentawai's.
In case you misplace any vital documents you should also carry a back-up photocopy of your passport, id, and airline ticket with you at all times. It doesn't hurt to leave another copy at home as well. When you are in Indonesia you will be issued an immigration form that you must keep until your departure. When you leave they will ask to see it to determine how long you were in Indonesia. Please take care of that form once they give it to you and don't lose it!
* The most important thing to remember on this list is to make sure that you have an updated passport and a valid VISA if your passport is issued in an obscure country like Sweden. You will not be permitted to enter Indonesia if your passport is going to expire within six months of your departure or if you are from a country that requires a special VISA to enter. Most people can take care of their VISA upon entering Indonesia including citizens of the United States and Australia but before you purchase your airline tickets please check with your local authorities to make sure you're covered.

10. How long can I stay in Indonesia?
Most travellers coming from the US, Australia, and Europe are issued tourist visas upon arrival, but if you carry a passport from other countries it is worthwhile checking to see if you need a visa.
The standard tourist VISA is applicable for up to 30 days. If you plan on staying longer in Indonesia you must apply for an extended stay tourist visa at your local Indonesian Embassy, prior to departure or in Singapore on the way to Indonesia. The extended stay tourist visas are easy and cheap to obtain and give you a full 60 days in Indonesia instead of only 30 days.
Please note, that it may take up to 3 full working days to process a tourist visa at all Indonesian Embassy locations, so best not to wait until last minute to apply for one

Padang – Kandui Villas – Padang

The following information is designed to give you a quick, insight into what happens between your arrival at the Padang Airport till you reach Kandui Villas, and back again. We're sure you'll find both the people of Padang, and Mentawai, as well as our ground staff to be as friendly and accommodating as anywhere else in the world.

1. Your flight arrives
Once your flight touches down you are ushered to the baggage claim/customs area.

2. VISA fees
If you've already entered Indonesia through Jakarta you will not need to pay the $25US VISA tax in Padang since you already paid in Jakarta.
If this is a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur the first thing you'll have to do upon arrival to Padang is pay the $25US fee at a special booth set up inside the customs area. Once you've paid they give you a special form that you must keep until your departure, we suggest leaving it inside your passport for safe keeping.

3. Customs
The fastest and easiest way to make it out of the customs area without having them go through your bags is to get a porter to handle your baggage.
They seem to have the right connections because they can get you out of that room as fast as possible, all you have to do is have dollars ready to tip them. Pay careful attention to the porter that carries your bags, the general rule of thumb is to not give them the tip until your bags are to your next terminal ( In the instance of traveling via amphibious airplane), or are loaded on the truck ( In the instance you are traveling to Kandui Villas via speed boat) and your bags are stored away where they belong. The maximum porter tip per guest should be no more than USD$2, although they may ask you for more, please do not give it to them!

4. Meet and Greet
Once you've made it outside the customs area you will be met by a representative from Kandui Villas. The next thing you need to do is get to your next gate, or outside and into the air conditioned cars that are waiting for you.

5. The Wait
Once you've made it outside and witnessed the hustle and bustle of Padang International Airport you're ready to wait for your amphibious airplane flight, or get in one of our minivans and get taken to the speed boat. Before you leave the airport parking lot do a quick spot check to make sure all of your luggage has made it on to the designated transport vehicles.
If your amphibious airplane, or speed boat leaves that afternoon, and you are hungry, or need any additional supplies from town, then our staff is their to help guide you to where you need to go.

6. Time to leave
You've waited long enough, and it is now time to either board your amphibious airplane flight, or board the speed boat that will take you to Kandui Villas. The amphibious airplane flight will take approximately 40 minutes from Padang airport-Kandui Villas. The speed boat crossing will take about 3-4 hours from Padang harbor-Kandui Villas.

7. Welcome to Kandui Villas- Paradise on Earth!
Upon your arrival to Kandui Villas, you will be given a welcome drink, a meal if you are hungry, shown to you Uma, and given a run down on all the important information you need to know for your stay at Kandui Villas. Some eager guests may decide to skip all the formalities, grab their favorite board, and hit the surf, jump in the swimming pool or go get all the tension from their travels massaged out of them. What ever you do at this point is entirely up to you, and our well trained staff is at your beckon call to help facilitate, what we hope, will be the best vacation experience of your entire life.

Kandui Villas-Padang

On the last day of the trip, you will settle up bar tabs, and/or any other extras you indulged in during your Kandui Villas stay, at the office, say good bye to your favourite Kandui Villas staff members, and basically repeat steps 1-7 above, but in reverse.
Please be careful to make sure you have packed everything that you want, and need to go home with, including the form you were given by Indonesian Immigration upon arrival, as you will need it to be able to leave the country. Please note that before boarding your domestic Indonesian flight from Padang you will be required to pay 40,000 RP airport tax before boarding the plane, and you will later have to pay an additional 150,000 RP international departure tax before boarding your flight out of Indonesia. Thank you for visiting Kandui Villas, and we look forward to seeing you again next time!

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