Aura Surf resort Northern SumatraAura Surf resort Northern Sumatra


The Peak is situated directly out the front of Aura Surf Resort and is visible from all bungalows and Main Building.
This wave holds from 2 to 10 feet+, barrels at take off and down the line.
Up to approximately 80m rides in both directions. Easy paddle out from beach. Swell magnet. Suitable for all levels.


The Beach offers excellent right and left barrels. Swell magnet, suitable for all levels.


K-Hole is located approximately 15 mins out the front by speed boat, offers a world class 150m long heavy right hander which barrels the whole way.
Swell magnet, 4 to 15ft+.
This wave is suitable for intermediate surfers and the more experienced.
Booties are recommended.

Aura Surf resort Northern SumatraAura Surf resort Northern Sumatra


The Secret Island is approximately 1 hrs travel situated on an amazing untouched island with an amazing beach.
This wave offers world class heaving right hand barrels, and when smaller, the wave has 3 take off zones of varying difficulty.
Approximately 100m long.
All sections have barrels.
Swell magnet.
Booties recommended.
Intermediate+, breaks from 2 ft to 8ft+


100+ m long left, from reef to sand, all sizes, likes it big.
Excellent fast wave with barreling takeoff and sections.


Dylans has a fast perfect right hand barrel, works with solid swells.
20 mins travel.
Booties recommended, 1 to 5 ft, intermediate+

Apart from the above listed waves we have 5 other unknown spots ranging from reef to beach breaks.
We can get you waves in all conditions with no body else in the water.

Aura Surf resort Northern SumatraAura Surf resort Northern Sumatra


Simeulue has the longest fetch out of any Indonesian Island.
It can utilize swells from the North such around India and the Maldives and does not just have to rely on southern swells like most other indonesian surfing spots.
It also picks up the full brunt of south swells as it sticks out at more of an angle than the other islands and is at the top of a 6km deep x 800mile + trench. Swells received here have a longer period, longer lines and barrels.

Winds & Water

As the area is located in the doldrums more often than not there is no wind.
When there is wind it is from a local storm which usually passes within 2 hrs and leaves a glass off shore breeze.
Water is very warm and very clear.


Aura Surf Resort is connected to main power.
We also have a generator which may be used for filming.
Power points are located in the main building and all bungalows and are 240Watts

Aura Surf Resort has limited internet capabilities for our guests.
Simeulue has telecommunication towers which allow for full reception at Aura for mobile telephone and USB internet.


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